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The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

Case Study

This story was an experiment in adaption of a linear story, a short story by Hemingway with the original title "The short happy life of Francis Macomber", into an interactive story world and to explore the difficulties of interpretation and modelling.


The story is about a couple on a safari in Africa and deals with coming-of-age of the character Francis Macomber who has to deal with the affairs of his wife. It’s a complex story about dependencies, domination and humiliation.


Creation Process

The creation process began with different steps of analysing and interpreting the story, for example getting the right order of events, because it is told in flashbacks, or the extraction of meaningful attributes and actions. The figure below shows a resulting model, with the goals and attributes of the main characters on top and abstract and concrete actions below. Some of the concrete actions were extracted from the story, analysed and abstracted to then fill in alternative concrete actions that were not present in the linear story.


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