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WideRuled2, based on the UNIVERSE story model, shares similarities with the IDtension system. In IDtension the preconditions of obstacles have to be fulfilled to overcome them and reach a certain goal. The preconditions are connected to others goal whose resulting effects could satisfy other preconditions. WideRuled2 uses so-called plot fragments as basic story elements and could be compared to the tasks in IDtension. These plot fragments are needed to achieve goals, which reflect the story structure and represent the high level intent of authors. Plot fragments have preconditions, and a list of story actions that are completed in the given order when the plot fragment is performed. These story actions could also be interpreted as the effects of that story element.

Plot fragments can also trigger additional sub goals. The plot fragments are the alternatives for the course of the story. If the preconditions of multiple plot fragments of a goal are satisfied, the internal story planner picks one randomly and performs the story actions. This approach interprets the story structure as a set of hierarchical plans.

The figure below shows the author interface of a plot fragment. Marked in green is a list of precondition sets and in red the effects, the so called story actions.


The figure below gives a more detailed view of the editor for a single set of conditions. In the upper part a list of all conditions can be found, marked in green an atomic condition. Different kinds of variables present in the story can be chosen and then compared to a value or another variable.


The figure below shows that again in more detail and the already well known structure.


The editor of an effect is shown below, in that case a calculation is performed in which the “newClueCount” is the result of the addition of the variable “currentClueCount + 1”.


As already known the figure below shows the same structure.


Beside calculations other actions (effects) can be chosen, the most important one is “Output Text”, because the text entered there is the final visualisation of the story. Like in Storytron or IDtension the text may contain variables and these placeholders are filled with the current values during runtime. Other actions are the pursuing of a sub goal or the creating, editing or deleting of a story element (character, environment, plot point).

by Dr. Radut.