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Summerschool 2011

The “Summerschool 2011” event, that took place in Wiesbaden from August 19th to 24th 2011 focused on “Interactive Story Creation”. It was targeted at students, colleagues, professionals and researchers with an intermediate and advanced level of creative experience in any storytelling discipline (such as film, video games, RPG etc.) or in interactive story creation. Participants were able to experience ways to structure story ideas so that interactions within the storyworld are enabled and lead to sensemaking responses. It also provided help to better analyse interactive story ideas.

The “Summerschool” was structured in lectures and workshops. The lectures should convey not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences of researchers and authors in the field of Interactive Digital Storytelling (IDS). The main topics were the modelling of:

  • Characters
  • Interactive dialogue and language
  • Plots and plans
  • Story structures

The focus hereby was to use and test found principles to achieve increased interactivity, variability and flexibility of stories. The gained knowledge could then be used during the workshops in which the creation of (partial) interactive stories was the goal. During these project-based exercises was shown how to turn a story into a dynamic model to be run with various story engines, and how these engines provide technical support to increase that desired variability. Four different workshops were offered:

Below you find some impressions of the event.

Summerschool01 Summerschool02 Summerschool03 Summerschool04
Summerschool05 Summerschool06 Summerschool07 Summerschool08
Summerschool09 Summerschool10 Summerschool11 Summerschool12

by Dr. Radut.