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Tools & Tutorials


EmoEmma Authoring Tool

The following material is available available in the Internal Download Area (registration and log-in needed)

  • EmoEmma Authoring Tool Extended ReadMe (PDF)
  • EmoEmma Authoring Tool Manual (PDF)
  • EmoEmma Authoring Tool Presentation (PDF)

Educational Card Game on Planning

The card game illustrates basic principles of a planner's search mechanism and can also be used for paper prototyping.

Summer School 2011 Results

  • EmoEmma Authoring Tool incl. "Diver's Luck" (ZIP, incl. ReadMe.txt for quick setup)
    is currently available on request from David Pizzi: D.Pizzi(at)tees(dot)ac(dot)uk

Finite States

SceneMaker Authoring and AAA Runtime

Summer School 2011 Results

Conversational Storyworlds


Summer School 2011 Results

Office Brawl

Goals, Tasks and Obstacles


The Simula Family

Summer School 2011 Results

by Dr. Radut.